How to Proactively Prepare Your Law Firm for the Future


The uncertain pandemic landscape has permanently shifted the way that law firms do business. The phrase “new normal” has been bandied about for months. But there seems to be little consensus on what that actually means, or on what makes one firm thrive in the current climate while another fails. One thing is clear – the law firms seeking to remain competitive are taking the disruption of the pandemic as an opportunity to re-evaluate their priorities. Client expectations are evolving. Being a “client-centric” law firm involves a mindset shift that puts the client at the heart of decision-making and priorities. [...]

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How to scale your technology suite using innovation


Law firms are embracing mobile apps in a big way in 2021. And whilst creating 1 app is seen as the norm, now more than ever it is becoming an increasing expectation to build out a suite of apps that are both internal and client facing. Having the right knowledge to scale your technology is key. During this webinar the Innovation team from Mills & Reeve will share their knowledge and insights on how they developed a suite of solutions that: - Educate staff on the firm’s client facing technology - Capture internal information in one place so it’s accessible on [...]

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Social Media for Lawyers


Social media platforms enable lawyers to build audiences, engage with groups and individuals, network and increase instructions. But it can be difficult to work out which networks to use, the type of content to create, and how to engage people without being 'salesy'. Join our webinar to hear founder and managing director of LexRex Communications, Victoria Moffatt talk about the power of social media and how lawyers can learn to utilise it. During this hour-long session Victoria will share her expertise, provide real-life examples of strong engagement and answer questions from delegates.

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UKLTA welcomes latest member Burness Paul


UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce today that Burness Paul has joined the Association. Burness Paull is a top tier commercial law firm supporting clients across Scotland, the UK and internationally. Two things make us tick: delivering results and being easy to deal with. Sam Moore said "At Burness Paull we’ve been on a successful technology journey for many years now, however 2020 brought new and unexpected challenges to our own people and to our clients alike. Now more than ever we feel it’s important to take a collegiate approach to common industry [...]

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A new approach to working practices in Microsoft 365


Law firms are currently using or considering the use of Microsoft 365. How can the functionality and tools in Microsoft 365 be used to deliver new working practices? In this webinar we will go through how Microsoft 365 can be used to automate business process, secure your data, enable collaboration and dispersed keep teams in touch. Chair & Panel Nigel Stott, Baskerville Drummond,

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UKLTA welcomes latest member Kepler Wolf


UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce today that Kepler Wolf has joined the Association. Kepler Wolf are new law firm (18 months old) who have a cloud-first mindset. We are taking what we believe to be the best of traditional firm and new law consultancy models, to build a law firm that is more than a platform for our self employed partners. They specialise in advising clients across the creative, marketing and technology sectors. John Haggis, Founder said 'we are delighted to join UKLTA. We look forward to both learning from the community [...]

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UKLTA welcomes latest member SnapDragon


UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce today that SnapDragon has joined the Association. SnapDragon is a brand protection company fighting fakes online. Using clients’ intellectual property, SnapDragon monitors online marketplaces to identify and remove copycat, counterfeit and suspect listings. With the help of an easy-to-use platform and a team of multilingual analysts, brands are able to defend their reputation, revenue, and customers alike. Kieron Smith said 'we’re thrilled to be part of the UKLTA community, to come together with our colleagues across the industry and push forward collaboratively for a bright future for [...]

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UKLTA welcomes latest member Alpha Legal


UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce today that Alpha Legal ( has joined the Association. Alpha Legal is the easiest, simplest and most secure way for the legal industry to communicate and share with clients. Forms, messages and documents can all be shared with clients via smartphone. Alpha Legal even connects directly to Countrywide Legacy, the most popular software system used by will writers and estate planners in the UK. Robin Bennett, Director said: “We’re really pleased to join UKLTA at the same time as launching Alpha Legal, our latest web service for [...]

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UKLTA welcomes latest member Legl


UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce today that Legl has joined the Association. Legl gives law firms the tools to grow and succeed in a digital-first world, and we’re on a mission to make legal services better for everyone. From digital client onboarding to better payment options, Legl’s easy-to-use software helps law firms give their clients a great experience while modernising manual processes. Julia Salasky said 'We're excited to be a part of the UK LegalTech Association. By bringing together the brightest [...]

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UKLTA announces formation of Board structure


UKLTA announces formation of Board structure Executive and Members Board Committee members appointed The UK LegalTech Association (UKLTA) has announced the formation of its Board structure which comprises an Executive Board and a Members Board. The Executive Board is responsible for leadership and governance of the Association, whilst the Members Board is responsible for representing the interests of the diverse membership to the Executive Board. The initial Executive Board comprises Matt Pennington as Chair joined by Rob Hosier (from inCase), Pippa Shepherd (Arken Legal), Robyn Weatherley (Thirdfort) and Cat Wolfenden (Weightmans) providing a balance between technology companies and law [...]

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