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PRESS RELEASE London, England – 23rd May 2022 Another Proclaim user firm selects VirtualSignature to automate its Claims process. Personal Injury law firm Jones Kinvig Lawyers has selected VirtualSignature as the company continues its investment in technology to provide clients with a responsive, efficient service when dealing with their RTA, accidents at work, trips and slips and housing disrepair claims. Birkenhead-based Jones Kinvig Lawyers has more than 25 years’ experience serving the market for personal injury claims clients and has invested in Proclaim as its case management system. VirtualSignature is working with Zeus Tech Solutions - the Proclaim integrations partner. Through [...]

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Legl Raises $18M to Automate Law Firm Operations


Legl, the SaaS platform for modern law firm operations that drives compliant, workflow driven payments and automates legacy business processes, announced today that it has closed an $18 million Series B funding round. The fundraise was led by several technology investors, including existing investor Octopus Ventures. Legl combines the automation of manual business processes for regulated law firms, like compliance, risk, onboarding and payment, with a lightweight CRM and flexible, no-code workflows. It enables law firms to better manage cash flow and mitigate risk, through better understanding client data and managing the entire client lifecycle. In a little over 2 years since [...]

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Webinar: The Role of Lawyers in an Automated World


As technology evolves, so too does the fear that this will replace humans in the workspace – and this fear has carried over into the traditionally tech-averse legal profession. But peaceful coexistence can exist and the alignment of human and tech can in fact benefit all involved, both lawyers and clients alike. Join us for a conversation with Tony Randle, Partner at Shoosmiths, around: Why lawyers should embrace technology, not fear it The three laws of legal robotics How human EQ + tech IQ = a better client experience The future of “lawyering” Date: Wednesday, 25 May, 2022 Time: 1:00pm BST [...]

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VirtualSignature PRESS RELEASE


PRESS RELEASE London, England – 4 th May, 2022 VirtualSignature launches the most advanced ID verification solution delivering 100% accuracy against identity fraud VirtualSignature, a leading UK developer of Regulatory Technology, has been working quietly over the past year with clients and accreditation bodies to develop SmartCheck ID Validate, one of the most advanced ID Verification solutions on the market, delivering 100% accuracy against identity fraud and jumping ahead of what competitors can currently offer. Combined with its existing SmartSign eSignature solution, it now offers one platform through which customers can send documents and verify the identity & signature in one [...]

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An Update on the Sanctions Measures Against Russia


This article was written by Kate Burt, Head of Risk and Compliance at Legl and experienced solicitor/ consultant. It’s been nine weeks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and, according to international news reports, the military advancement shows no sign of retreat. The latest sanctions measures were designed to weaken the Kremlin’s ability to finance the war and to impose clear economic and political costs on Russia’s political elite. This issue was covered in my previous article on the subject. Since then, there have been two further statutory instruments enacted since that article, which relate to sanctions on trade and bring the number [...]

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[Webinar] Avoiding a Toxic Compliance Culture at Your Law Firm


Robust policies, controls and procedures can either be enhanced or thwarted depending upon the compliance culture with a firm. On April 26, Kate Burt, Head of Risk & Compliance at Legl, and Steve Brett, co-founder of E3 Compliance Training, will discuss the differences between a healthy and a toxic compliance culture, and what firms can do to improve. Title: Avoiding a Toxic Compliance Culture at Your Law Firm Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2022 Time: 9:00am BST In this webinar, we will explore: What is a "compliance culture" and why is it important? Regulatory expectations Characteristics of a healthy vs toxic culture [...]

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Understanding the Four Stages of a Client’s Lifecycle


For more information around client lifecycle management, check out Legl's white paper: Understanding Your Clients Throughout Their Lifecycle Every client who comes to your law firm experiences the same four touchpoints: acquisition, delivery, loyalty and retention. These four stages represent the client lifecycle, and mastering them is key to your business growth. By putting your client at the very centre of your business decisions, you can build a clearer picture of their expectations and their risk profile—-all the while leveraging technology to drive efficiency and profitability within your firm. Whether it’s your processes, your technology or your customer service, honestly assessing how your law firm [...]

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5 Pillars for Managing the Client Lifecycle at Your Firm


Client lifecycle management (CLM) provides the framework to understand and proactively manage clients throughout their journey with a law firm. It helps organisations truly understand clients beyond just compliance, so that they can provide the best services and manage risk over time. Introducing a client lifecycle management framework can help you change the way you approach your client journey to benefit your business. Here are a few of the ways that client lifecycle management can help give you focus on bringing iterative improvements to your client journey.  Optimising onboarding is key to knowing your client  CLM gives you the tools to [...]

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The Impact of UK Sanctions on Russia for Law Firms


The UK government and governments around the world have imposed additional and far-reaching sanctions with the aim to persuade Russia to withdraw their position threatening the stability and sovereignty of Ukraine. Obligations in relation to financial sanctions is not a new burden on UK law firms. Firms should already have robust policies, controls and procedures in place to prevent breaches of sanctions legislation. What is new, brought about by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in recent weeks, is the rapid pace of amendments to existing legislation resulting in an unprecedented increase in individuals and entities added to sanctions lists and well as the fast-tracking [...]

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Estatesearch: Managing Risk in Estate Administration – Missed Assets and Liabilities


Missed Assets and Liabilities - Due diligence, managing risk and best practice Investigating a deceased’s finances is a large part of a Personal Representative’s job during the process of estate administration. It’s one of their primary and most urgent duties and is an essential part of the due diligence, risk management and best practice they are expected to carry out within their role. Unclaimed Assets in the UK 2020 figures from Reclaim Fund Limited - the fund banks pay assets into when they have reached 15 years or more - show that there was a staggering £1.3 billion left in the [...]

Estatesearch: Managing Risk in Estate Administration – Missed Assets and Liabilities2022-03-08T13:20:04+00:00
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