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Tiger Bytez – Bringing Conveyancing into the 21st Century

Online Event

Tiger Bytez co-founders Scott Elliot and Simon Riess will take attendees through a journey of conveyancing to date and the market frustrations that lead to the creation of the conveyancing chatbot. The problem that conveyancers have in the present day, is that their work is often an administrative burden. Tiger Law experienced these issues and needed a solution to their endless paper trails and demand for more work in the same amount of time for the same cost. By building and utilising the conveyancing chatbot, a shift in focus towards greater client satisfaction has been achieved as a result of relieving [...]


Closing Contracts Quickly – Radiant Law

Online Event

Alex Hamilton, author of 'Sign Here: The enterprise guide to closing contracts quickly' and CEO and founder of Radiant Law, discusses his radical vision for fast and pain-free contracting for your firm.

Keeping the customer at the centre – designing a service that responds to the client’s need, not the industry’s preconceptions

Online Event

Speaker: Gary Gallen, CEO & Founder, Rradar Gary is the CEO and founder of rradar. He leads and drives rradar’s business strategy, growth and vision for the business. With a natural leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, a personal drive for the industry he works in, and a passion to help people succeed, Gary believes that business clients deserve more from the legal services sector.

UKLTA Tech Demo Event

Online Event

The UK Legal Technology Association (UKLTA) Demo Subcommittee, hold another of their regular tech events with live product demonstrations from UKLTA members. Wednesday 4th May 2022 (time tbc - duration 2 hours) Join the UKLTA’s Demo Subcommittee for this exciting event, which will bring together a range of innovative Legaltech companies providing solutions to pain points highlighted by UKLTA Law firm members.

Managing the wellbeing of your team

Online Event

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, the UKLTA explores the ways in which you can support your teams and maintain or improve staff wellbeing.

Adoption of legal tech: Why it doesn’t happen on its own

Online Event

Lots of discussion about legal technology is driven by buzzwords. Things you could do, the promise of artificial intelligence and complex data science. Legal tech start-ups are widespread now, producing apps that look like they were designed by Apple. Against this background, it is easy to forget that less sexy topic of “getting stuff used”. Legal tech can help make things better for law firms, legal teams and everybody who interacts with them. But it has absolutely no hope of doing this if we are talking about technology in the absence of why anybody should ever care about using it. In [...]

Creating Better Contracts – Chris Simkins

Online Event

In this webinar, Chris Simkins, Head of Contract Optimisation at Simmons & Simmons discusses why (and how) you should optimise your contract templates.

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